Entry: Review: Amel Larrieux Morning Sunday, May 14, 2006

Singer/songwriter Amel Larrieux returns with another winning collection of jazzy and spiritually affecting songs. The third release from the artsy songbird, Morning continues Larrieux's spontaneous impulses. As devoted fans of Amel Larrieux can attest to (based largely on her previous full-lengths, Infinite Possibilities and Bravebird) she is like the proverbial bolt of lightning she never strikes twice in the same place. Sure, there are certain ever-present characteristics to Larrieux's music: hypnotic vocals; complex (but accessible) songwriting; jazzy sonic textures; brilliant multi-tracking technics  it's Larrieux's approach album-making that sets her above her peers (which are rarely on par with her aesthetically). Morning continues Larrieux's brilliant track record.

The album opens with the uptempo "Trouble", followed by the deep, loungy "Unanswered Question". The atmospheric vibe continues thoughout with songs like "Gills and Tails", "Earn My Affections" and "Mountain of When". A diverse album, Morning offsets uptempo jazz tunes  like  "Weary" and "Magic" with ambient soul tracks like "No One Else" and the title track. Morning is a definite must for fans of soul, progressive soul, experimental jazz and nu jazz.


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