Entry: Aria serves you a daily dose of cheese.... Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Have you had your dose of cheese today? Well if so I thought you'd like an extra helping. This video is by Liberty X they actually covered a classic urban disco tune by Shalamar (Jody's old group). Is nothing sacred anymore?!

This group DEFINITELY conforms to the current 'Idol aesthetic now rampant in popular music cookie cutter and by-the-numbers. Indeed, they originated from the British show, Popstars which presaged the 'Idol series [Britain originated the 'Idol Series, as well as Simon via Pop Idol]. Enjoy your cheese!


April 19, 2006   03:31 PM PDT
I understand about the cheese,but I got to admit they did a good remake. As much as I wanted to not like it , I did.

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