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Saturday, February 25, 2006
Madonna -- Sorry EP to be released on CD...

"Sorry" — the second single from Madonna's Confessions On a Dance Floor album — is set to be released on CD-single this Tuesday, February 28. Warner Bros. released a downloadable version to iTunes earlier this month with edited versions of all the remixes. In contrast, the CD-version will contain several full versions, as well as the Paper Faces Vocal Edit of  "Let It Will Be". 

In all honesty, the remixes from the Sorry EP have been unofficially available for sometime now, even before the iTunes release — no doubt a clever marketing ruse on the part of Madonna's braintrust. The Pet Shop Boys — or PSB Maxi-Mix — is particularly popular with Madonna-diehards — especially her gay fans. Indeed, many of the Madonna-faithful had long wondered why Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys — given their virtually identical fanbases — hadn't worked together before (if even in so indirect a way as remixes). The Pet Shop Boys remix of "Sorry" is argaubly the best mix and is sure to please longtime Madonna fans and casual admirers alike; it's keenly aware of the current electro aesthetic popular in the underground, and even samples some of the Pet Shop Boys own work.

While Sorry is certainly a worthy single, it is far and away NOT the best track from the Confessions... album. "Future Lovers" — which heavily borrows from Donna Summer's immortal "I Feel Love" — would've probably been a better (if not more obvious) choice for a single and would've translated better into remixes. Nevertheless, "Sorry" is a great track that — while not particularly pioneering (none of Confessions is that) — is sure to elicit a joyful listening experience.

Posted at 08:27 pm by Mervin Malone

Static Brain
March 2, 2006   06:50 PM PST
Who are the Pet Shop Boys? I have never heard of them. Now I am curious.


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